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These papers are diary entries my Grandmother wrote in the days leading up to leaving for the internment camps. She was a young teen in middle school, she writes days before the official evacuation day for the internment camps, which was February 19, 1942.

Below are the images she writes about posing for, for “The Look” Magazine, which was popular in the 1940s/50s. She was 13/14 in these images and can be seen with my Great-Grandmother, Kiwa Fujimoto. 


Here are the transcribed diary entries (unknown words have been kept blank and it has been transcribed as was written): 

Feb 11, 1942

Dear Diary

Today was nothing special, just plain school work. I read my diary to the girls at our table and see what they thought of it. We were all glad to hear The Lincoln's Birthday was a national holiday and we were not to come to school. After school I went to the 5-10 cents store and bought some Valentines 


Feb 12, 1042 

Dear Diary,

Today was a holiday and we were very busy trying to pack and sell all day long. We put an ad in the paper about selling our electrolux and my piano. The door knocked while the phone rang so I had to stay at home all day which I didn’t like.


Feb 13 

Today I got permission to go to the 5 & 10 store to get more Valentine’s at lunch period. We had elective at the 1:00 o'clock period instead 2:15. At 2:15 we had our Valentine’s fun. Sure Sue Alpin gave us each a chocolate heart which was very good and Pricilla gave us each a ____ cooky with our name on it. I thought it was very nice of her and original. She ____ class got me a Valentine box full of candy I sure appreciated it. 


Feb 13

I didn’t know what to say but to thank them all a lot and I’ll remember them and I’ll never forget the 8th grade and the class that I was in. When I got home I sold my piano for 35 dollars. I was sure sorry I had to sell it. It had such a good tune that I didn’t want to give it up. This was the first time I realized how much the piano meant to me. I  sure am missing it now. It sum like I could just go to the piano and play a little piece but the piano isn't there.  My mother cryed to see the piano go. 


Feb 14

Today I packed all my clothes and we sold our refrigerator for 1.50 dollars and just tonight it seemed they werent going to make any more refrigerator. It ourse was _____ 

My brother and mother all were sad to see the refrigerator go but my mother told me we shouldnt keep the piano and refrigerator cause we didnt have the money to move them —------------. —------- to sell the house I hastily realized that it was tomorrow that we were giving to have our pictures taken for the “Look” magazine 


Feb 15

Dear Diary

Today my cousin came over and helped us back and clean up. We had lots of customers and ___ the telephone sang more than anything else. It was a long hard day. The “Look” magazine took out pictures.


Feb 16 1942

Dear Diary

Today we didnt have any school for it was Teachers visiting day, so we had lots of time to clean up. After supper my brother went after a man at my Uncles place so he could help clean up the yard. It was near time when he came home I had to help with my mother




Injuries - accidents

Emotional strain


Suddenness - upset

Exposure to cold

Pale face

Cold feeling

Blue color fingertips


Shallow breathing

Cold perspiration forehead

wet cold eyes

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