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I am Lua Kobayashi, a California-based artist and UCLA graduate, receiving my B.A. in 2019. My work typically takes its form in photo, video, and installation - often combining all three. I am interested in the stories behind everyday objects, places and people, with which we believe we are familiar. Growing up in a perfect suburbia, showed me what was considered “normal”, was anything but. The residents chose to show the ideal versions of themselves - smiling faces and facades but within every home are lives made up of routines, relationships, gossip and more. We share these patterns and the more you watch, the easier it is to perceive these patterns; they can convey how we think about ourselves and those around. Stories of, or about individuals become increasingly important because as more and more come together they form a history of a place, object or even another person. We all share these common bonds with our homes and the communities around, and through my work I hope to understand what brings us together, why we have these stories and continue these structures.  I do not fit the regimented set of rules laid out by those who identify as “normal”; being a minority physically and inwardly, this has allowed me to see the intricacies within the mundane. I create miniature scenes/sets; referencing film, television, memories and history to illustrate these anthologies of home and attempt to understand what truly lies behind these closed doors.


My works have been shown at juried shows in places such as the Palm Springs Art Museum and most recently, the Yellowstone Art Museum and Irvine Fine Arts Center. This past year, I have been collaborating with fellow artist, Rino Kodama, to create a project in association with the UCLA Asian Studies department/Aratani C.A.R.E. Grant (2021-2022). Teaching is also a great passion of mine as I have mentored high school students at Las Fotos Project and have been a guest lecturer at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.